Learn a language.
Start a conversation. 
Get to know a culture. 


Polyglot is an innovative approach to learning new languages by having meaningful conversations through music, film and contemporary culture.

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“You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you only live once.”
— Czech proverb

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Learn the skills that you need to connect and communicate with people across the globe about what interests you most: music, film, social media, news, sports, whatever. 

It’s your call. We offer up-to-date and lasting language instruction that is relevant to you and the real people you will meet when you learn a new language and culture.

No grammar involved.

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Our unique approach

We move beyond instruction that teaches how to book a hotel room and order a meal. Polyglot offers a passport into language learning by engaging you with cultural materials that are fresh and relevant in contemporary, globalized society and culture.

We enrich your understanding of language by teaching you about cultural media, such as song lyrics, idioms, films, pop culture and current news events.

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Polyglot courses

Each course is unique. We offer personalized programs that enrich your interests.

For example, if you enjoy French music from the “année folles” period, we will create a learning program focused on French songs and lyrics from that era. Or if you are travelling to Brazil for the World Cup, we might focus on everyday expressions and the vocabulary of soccer.


Polyglot Classes: $60/hr

Pre-travel packages:
starting at $180

Please inquire for group rates.


Classes are held in Toronto’s West End, near High Park / The Junction / Bloor West Village. 

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Meet Christina, founder of Polyglot

Christina Campisi speaks French, Spanish, some Italian and Portuguese. She has degrees in French-language education, cultural anthropology and political science.

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To find out more or to sign up for a Polyglot class, please get in touch:

Christina Campisi 

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